WVDA: Herd, habitat, hunters

Upper Cheat River Project

Recognizing the importance of early successional habitat, openings and other wildlife enhancements that will be created by the Upper Cheat River project  the West Virginia Deer Association is urging members to comment in support via the Forest Service online comment system at: https://cara.fs2c.usda.gov/Public//CommentInput?Project=58364

The Upper Cheat River Project Draft Environmental Assessment is available for public review and comment. Proposed activities include a variety of timber management activities, prescribed fire, wildlife habitat enhancements, soil restoration activities, stream and riparian restoration, and road maintenance and management. View the documents here: https://www.fs.usda.gov/project/?project=58364. Click on the “analysis” tab for the most recent documents including the draft environmental assessment, letter from the district ranger, maps, and other related documents. Be sure to check out the interactive story map about the proposed project under the “scoping” tab or go directly to the story map here: https://storymaps.arcgis.com/.../973b2edc32e448c0b567858f....

For more information email amy.albright2@usda.gov. Submit comments by March 31, 2022.